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Welcome to SAPPHIRE + SOUL! We talk all things spirituality, mind, body + space wellness, and how to manifest a life of bliss that your soul was destined to live. Elizabeth brings her trademark depth+presence to weekly sit-downs with spiritual entrepreneurs, artists, and leaders in a format that encourages conscious introspection and self-reflection. This is a space dedicated to illuminating the often unseen aspects of wellness, intuitive + conscious business, and beyond. We’ll be on air with special guests engaging in deep conversations, riffing on all things mysticism and intuition, and providing practical information to help you connect with your most intuitive self.

The conversations here strive to develop interconnectedness, gratitude, peacefulness, and ultimately the manifestation of a life you truly love and want to live.



Sapphire + Soul


As a one-of-a-kind iTunes Spirituality podcast. Sapphire + SOUL is your sacred space for game changing conversations with today’s greatest conscious thought leaders + spiritual teachers.



Welcome to the Sapphire+SOUL, a podcast about showing up in new ways to weave a new world together. Are you ready to Awaken + Thrive??  Coming into resonance with who you truly are, who YOU were always meant to be—We are excited to have you as a part of our podcast community.  The Sapphire+SOUL Podcast is a gathering space for entrepreneurs, organizers, small business owners, spiritual beings, and visionaries, who want to weave devotional and conscious principles into everyday practices. 



This podcast explores how we can walk with depth + presence in all that we do.  Bringing sacred remembrance and reverence into the mundane, as we weave our unique gifts into existence, being of service to the greater good + manifesting all that is our divine birthright.   It is the greatest possible journey your SOUL came here to experience.



Are you ready to ALIGN to the vibrational frequency that you were MEANT forall you have to do is it is choose to dive into your TRUTH. Remembering who you are + what you are truly capable of. Raising your consciousness, together we will embody our unique entrepreneur energy blueprint.



ALCHEMY for beings who know they were meant for more. Let’s do conscious, ethical + values driven life and business.  Let’s make it a slow, steady, grounded and sustainable process that intentionally aligns who we are + how we want to impact this world.

Leading the Sapphire+SOUL global community since 2012. The Podcast being birthed in 2021…ya’ll know I like the numbers…We are here to Elevate, Evolve, Align, + Activate, the deep TRUTHS that reside within each one of usSapphire+SOUL with Elizabeth Gere, will hold discussions around spirituality, well-being, self healing, entrepreneurship, culture, + love, to name a few.




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